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If your skin is starting to show signs of aging, it’s not too late to turn back the clock. There are cosmetics on the market that will attempt to cover up your premature wrinkles with thick makeup, but the ultimate solution is to get at the root of the problem, not just do a cover up.

The best way to revitalize your skin is to use what nature provides: minerals! Minerals are a natural way of adding radiance and youth to our skin without the possibility of dangerous side effects. Mineral makeup is from the earth, much as we are. In fact, most of us take naturally based multivitamins every day in order to reintroduce those necessary minerals back into our bodies.


If you haven’t thought about mineral makeup as a resource for looking younger, think again. Mineral makeup is 100% natural, and will work to prevent wrinkles from settling in, especially when sun exposure is the culprit. Ageless Derma’s makeup contains the essential natural ingredients Vitamin A, Vitamin E and green tea extracts. Only Ageless Derma’s mineral makeup will conceal your flaws as it heals and strengthens the skin. Because of its key natural ingredients of Vitamins A and E, and green tea extracts, Ageless Derma is virtually the only mineral cosmetic that is also anti aging and a wrinkle preventative.


One of our skin’s most lethal enemies is the sun. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are the cause of many fine lines and wrinkles, and the effects are cumulative. And let’s face it; even without tanning on a beach, we are still exposed to the sun on an almost daily basis, just by being outdoors. We need to protect our skin, and what better way to do that than with 100% natural mineral makeup?


Mineral makeup contains pure substances such as zinc, iron oxides, titanium oxide, green tea extracts and vitamins to heal and protect while making you look great, too. Some of the more important, active ingredients are:

Vitamin A

The sun’s rays actually cause a deficiency in Vitamin A in our bodies. Mineral makeup with Vitamin A helps restore that deficiency as it is absorbed into the skin. The Vitamin A found in mineral makeup is a natural antioxidant that helps with skin cell turnover. It helps new skin cells form, repairing damage the sun has caused, making your face look smoother while filling in lines and wrinkles that may have already formed. See for more information on the purest forms of Vitamin A used in the anti aging products.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E has long been used to help with the healing of scar tissue. Vitamin E in its natural form is an antioxidant. When it is added to a product such as mineral makeup, it protects against free radicals and fine lines or wrinkles caused by the sun’s rays, known as photo aging. Vitamin E also helps reduce the appearance of age spots. The mineral makeup will cover up any spots, and fill in the fine lines while repairing the damage.

Green Tea Extract

Bid farewell to damaging free radicals and say hello to a reduction in inflamed skin when green tea extract is right in your makeup. Green tea extracts are 100% natural and can actually slow down many of the signs of aging, right before your eyes.


See to discover the highest quality makeup items that will enhance your natural beauty and work on healing your skin simultaneously.

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Is Clinical Skincare from Australia

The IS in IS Clinical stands for Innovative Skincare, a subsidiary of the Australian company Clinical Skincare, Healthcare and Equipment which has been a leader in the clinical cosmetic industry for more than 25 years. IS Clinical offers top quality, all natural products for both men and women. Until recently, IS Clinical products could only be purchased through salons and medical clinics.

Although the original skincare products were tailored to meet the needs of women, IS Clinical recently released a new line of products designed to meet the needs of men. Both lines have products which address issues like acne, dry skin and changes caused by aging like sagging, fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. There are also products which minimize the appearance of scars and other imperfections of the skin.

There are several product lines in both the men’s and women’s skin care products which target specific problems. The IS Clinical website provides a complete list of ingredients for all their products with explanations as to why each ingredient is included in a product. The ingredients are all natural and many of the products include botanical extracts known to promote healthy skin. Consumer reviews indicate a high degree of customer satisfaction with the products.

The company has had an excellent relationship with their distributors offering workshops and classes in product use to employees of salons and clinics which sold the product. Consumers who purchased the product through salons or clinics were very satisfied with its performance.

The pluses offered by this product include the listing of all the ingredients of every product on their website. Those with allergies or skin sensitivities will find the listing helpful when they choose skincare products. The excellence of the IS Clinical line is well known and the products are now available for sale directly to consumers.

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Skin & How to Protect it during the Winter Months

Skin is actually the largest organ in the body and it covers our entire surface as a protective barrier for our other organs. The thinnest skin is found on our lips and eyelids, the thickest skin is found on our palms and soles.

Epidermis is the outer layer of skin and the layer beneath that is the Dermis.    The Epidermis becomes thinner as we get older which affects the dermis layer.  The Dermis layer regulates our body temperature and excretes water, it consists of 3 types of tissues; collagen, elastic tissue and connective tissue as wells as blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and nerve fibres.   Healthy skin relies on the outer layer being protected from sun damage, pollutants, wind and cleaning products.  Yes, even cleansing products can damage the skin if it contains strong chemicals or harsh abrasives.  It is important to research about the products you use on your skin and find suitable skin care products that will keep your skin healthy and strong.

During the winter months skin can take a beating; changes in temperature, wind, stress and low humidity are all factors that can cause damage to the outer layer leaving the underlying layer vulnerable which results in dry, itchy, chapped and sometimes cracked skin. 

When we start to run our furnaces in the house the air becomes dry and humid, it is important to keep our skin hydrated by using a humidifier, drinking lots of water or herbal teas as well as using an intense moisturizer and skin hydrating cream or concentrate.

Stepping out into the cold and in some countries where there is below zero temperatures it is critical to protect the skin from damaging temperatures.  Cold temperatures result in poor circulation and excessive stress on the skin, adding a moisturizer containing 80% oil 30 minutes before going outside or underneath make up will help protect the skin from the winter elements.  Even though it’s winter time let’s not forget to wear a daily sunscreen to protect the skin, sun damage is one of the major causes of premature aging and even when it’s cold outside the sun can still damage the skin if unprotected.

There are many choices when it comes to protective moisturizers and hydrating solutions for keeping the skin nourished and protected during the winter months.  Moisturizers are available with SPF protection to the skin from sun damage.  Keeping your skin protected during the winter is the key to keeping your skin healthy and strong.

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Tired Of Looking At Those Bags Under Your Eyes?

When you look in the mirror do your eyes look tired and puffy? Do you have what is commonly known as “bags” under your eyes?

One of the most common reasons for puffiness around the eyes is due to lack of sleep or being tired, this is why we normally find that our eyes are more swollen and puffy in the morning than later on in the day. Alcohol, tobacco and seasonal allergies can also cause puffiness and swealing around the eye area. Aging is also a contributing factor to the change in the skin around our eyes, as we age our eyes tend to show the first signs of aging by causing long term puffiness and reduced firmness in the skin around the eye area. When skin loses it’s firmness it begins to sag causing the droopy looking skin under the eye area which fills with fluid causing puffiness.

There are many home remedies for decreasing eye puffiness such as chilled cucumber slices and cooled tea bags but these are short term solutions and only help with momentary puffiness. If you find that your eyes seem puffy all the time or are starting to look tired and droopy then it is time that you look for a more long term solution that focuses on reconstructing the skin around the eye area and improve the skin’s elasticity.

ELEMIS a professional skin care line that uses rich botanicals and essential oils has developed many advanced skin care products designed to moisturize and treat the delicate skin area around the eye.

For daily use the Elemis Eye-Awake Recovery Gel is a great way to start the day and provide instant relief from eye strain and tired eyes reducing puffiness while overtime making the eye area look firmer and tighter. The Elemis Absolute Eye Serum and Pro Collagen Eye Renewal are specialty treatment products developed for long term daily use to combat the signs of aging and within 28 days have been proven to decrease fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and even dark circles.

There are several other doctor recommended skin care products that have been developed based on scientific evidence to improve the tone and overall appearance of the skin, especially around the eyes such as Skin Within Eye Bright, Sothys Active Contour Distressing Mask, Skin Medica Eye Serum and NeoCutis Bio-Restorative Eye Cream. All of these and more doctor recommended products can be found online

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The Many Benefits of Facial Peels

Facial peels were previously restricted to those women who could afford frequent trips to the spa for treatments. However, the introduction of products by many top skin care companies has allowed many to enjoy the benefits of facial peels right at home. Facial peels are an excellent way to treat skin that has been damaged by the sun, acne or the effects of aging. This article will provide a brief overview of the benefits of facial peels, along with some of the best companies offering products to use at home for this purpose.

What do Facial Peels Do?

A facial peel consists of an ingredient that can remove dead, dry skin cells on the surface of the skin, revealing softer, smoother skin cells underneath. Ingredients included in these peels typically consist of exfoliating substances like alpha or beta hydroxyl acids and retinol. More intense peels usually use an ingredient known as trichloracetic acid or TCA. While TCA peels are most commonly found in salons, you can also find products with TCA to use in the home.

Facial peels vary considerably in terms of just how intense the treatment might be. The lighter peels usually don’t reveal as dramatic results, but they also don’t require a recovery period of any kind. The more intense peels are usually best done under a doctor’s supervision. Lighter peels can be done weekly or even daily, depending on the formula. Deeper peels are usually done monthly or even less frequently to maintain the desired results.

dr dennis gross skincare at Home

One company that offers a daily peel to use at home is dr dennis gross skincare. This company provides an alternative to surgical peels that is completed in as little as two minutes a day. dr dennis gross skincare peels contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid and malic acid. The program consists of a twofold approach that includes the application of the peel, which remains on the skin for about two minutes, followed by the application of a neutralizer. Both formulas are applied to the skin with pre-moistened pads that can be disposed of when finished. This program is a great way to enjoy facial peels daily, without much time or skin irritation to grapple with.

Professional PCA Skincare Treatments

Another option in facial peels that is quite popular is PCA Skincare facial peels. These formulas typically use more potent ingredients that are usually applied by a professional esthetician or doctor in a salon or clinic. PCA offers a variety of facial peels to address every possible need and skin type. For those seeking peels in a salon setting, the company also provides a line of skin care products that can be effectively used after the peel for more rapid healing and smoother skin. Most of the PCA facial peels use a combination of ingredients that include TCA for the best results.

Facial peels are a wonderful way to revive tired skin and achieve a softer, more youthful appearance. These treatments can erase the fine lines of aging and eliminate other blemishes and discolorations that can appear on the skin. Whether you choose a facial peel that you can do at home or head to the salon for a full treatment, facial peels are a popular way to enjoy more beautiful skin.

Mineral makeup has been used for centuries, but recently, it has garnered much more attention. Mineral makeup has been touted as better for the skin because the all-natural formulas are devoid of artificial fragrances, dyes or preservatives. However, the benefits may go well beyond the “natural” label. Consider these reasons to try mineral makeup and tips to find the best product line for your needs.

Benefits of Mineral Makeup

There are many reasons to consider mineral makeup for a cleaner, healthier complexion. Mineral makeup provides much lighter coverage with a unique blend of all natural ingredients free of chemicals and other harmful substances. However, the lighter feel of the makeup does not affect coverage; the products are still quite capable of hiding flaws like scars and fine lines, while providing a smooth, even skin tone. Some of the other benefits of mineral makeup include:

  • Won’t damage the skin’s surface
  • Lasts longer than other types of makeup
  • Better coverage for a flawless complexion
  • Reduces the risk of breakouts since pores aren’t clogged
  • Won’t irritate the skin

In addition to these benefits, some find that mineral makeup can even turn back the clock on the skin.

How Mineral Makeup Fights Aging Skin

One of the primary causes of aging skin is the sun. The harmful rays can lead to dry, sagging skin and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is important to protect your skin from this damage without using thick sunscreens that could lead to breakouts or irritation. This is where mineral makeup comes into play, with a hefty dose of sun protecting agents like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide included in the formulas. Some mineral makeup products provide up to an SPF 30 for the delicate skin of your face.

Recommended Mineral Makeup Lines

There are many mineral makeup companies today, but not all are created equal. It is important to look for companies that use only natural ingredients without any artificial dyes, perfumes or preservative clogging up the formulas. One such company is Jane Iredale, which is recommended by dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons because of its safety and benefits. The state-of-the-art formulas created by Jane Iredale come in a wide range of shades to suit every skin tone.

Another good mineral makeup source is Colorescience, which uses only the highest quality of ingredients in their formulas. These products are packed with important nutrients like antioxidants and enzymes that treat the skin even as they provide a more beautiful complexion.

Finally, Glominerals offers a wide line of cosmetics in fashion-forward shades and a few color classics included for good measure. If you are a style diva who is always tuned into the latest styles, Glominerals all natural line will be just what you need.

Mineral makeup treats your skin right, offering sufficient coverage without clogging pores or irritating the skin. When it comes to turning back the clock on the skin, these all-natural formulas will protect the skin from the aging process and effectively cover the early aging effects that have already appeared.

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Enhancing Your Natural Eyelashes By Dr. F. Mostamand J

Nothing makes a woman feel more glamorous than full, long eyelashes. But few of us are willing to stand in front of the mirror each morning to apply false eyelashes. Another alternative is the professional application of eyelash extensions, in which individual eyelash enhancers are glued to the root of your already existing lashes. This process, however, is also relatively time consuming and can be quite costly. So, what is a girl to do if she wants to add a little length and fullness to her natural lashes? The answer is the great range of lash conditioners and enhancers now available on the market. Here’s a look at three of our favorites:

B. Kamins’ Eyelash Fortifier

One of the newest products in the brand’s line, B. Kamins presents this fabulous eyelash enhancement product featuring pharmaceutical grade ingredients of the highest quality and purity. This company is committed to providing cutting edge and realistic solutions for their customer’s skin care needs. The Eyelash Fortifier is so effective because of its unique peptide growth and substance formulation, which increase microcirculation around the hair follicles to promote growth and strengthening delicate lashes against environmental damage. What makes this product so exciting is that it will actually extend and fill out the appearance of your lashes, even without makeup! What’s more, B. Kamins Eyelash Fortifier is ophthalmologist tested and safe for use by contact wearers.

Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel from Talika

French spa line Talika is boasting some exciting results produced by its Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel. Clinically tested at Hospital La Pitié – Salpêtrière in Paris, over two-thirds of the treated eyelashes and eyebrows tripled in length after 28 days of repeated application. Applied twice a day on cleansed lashes and eyebrows, this breakthrough product is formulated with a unique blend of herbal extracts. Nettle stimulates eyelash growth, Horse Chestnut promotes circulation around the follicles, while Witch Hazel and St. John’s Wort calm and soothe irritated follicles. This product is the perfect for women with sparse or short lashes, or for women who apply a lot of eye makeup. By preventing environmental damage and soothing inflammation, this effective gel promotes noticeable growth and fullness.

Advanced Essential Lash by Neova

Using the clinically proven AHK Copper Peptide Complex formulation, the product adds length and fullness to lashes through its restorative ingredients. Copper has long been recognized as an essential element to maintaining health and vitality in the human body. It is used in nearly every cell in the body. The copper peptide technology used in Advanced Essential Lash facilitates precise delivery of the copper peptides to the eyelash follicles where it then stimulates collagen and protein producing cells. This in turn nourishes lashes and prevents them from breakage. The product is so interesting because it actually mimics the body’s own copper delivery system. Clinically and physician tested, Advanced Essential Lash is hypo-allergenic, non-irritating and free of harmful parabens. You don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror or at the beautician to get those long, full lashes you’ve been wanting. These great, research-backed products make longer, more luscious looking lashes possible for everyone.

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Is your adult acne getting old? By Dr. Farid Mostamand

If you are an adult living with acne, you probably started getting sick of it…about twenty years ago. Acne is for teenagers, right? Unfortunately, acne can continue long after puberty. Some deal with acne well into their adult years and even into middle age. Adult acne can be very frustrating. Adult acne can make it difficult to imagine ever having clear skin. For the most part, adult acne is a problem for young adults and women who are pregnant, otherwise known as gestational acne. But for some adults, acne continues for years, well into midlife, and they don’t know why.

For the most part, adult acne is caused by the same things as teenage acne. Hormone imbalance plays a tremendous role in the presence of acne. As a teenager, your hormones rage as you go through puberty. As a young adult, your hormones may still be in the process of stabilizing. However, if you’re well into your thirties or forties, your hormone levels should have reached normal levels long ago. If you are experiencing adult acne, having your hormone levels checked by your doctor is a great first step to discovering the root of the problem.

Even though adult acne is not caused by poor hygiene, there are some things you might be doing unconsciously that are preventing you from enjoying clear skin. If you have the habit of touching your skin, this could be contributing to your adult acne. Your hands and fingernails constantly carry bacteria that cause acne. Or, make sure that the products you are using to wash your face, make up, shampoo and conditioner, or other personal care products do not contain ingredients that are irritating your skin. Also, if you have been struggling with adult acne for many years, you’ve probably developed very good habits for keeping your face clean. If so, you might actually be washing your face too often or using products that are too drying and harsh. Washing your face once or twice daily with a mild water-based cleanser, like the cleanser in the MD Formulations Adult Anti-Blemish Kit for adult acne, should do the trick.

Consulting your doctor about your adult acne is a great way to combat your condition. Your dermatologist will be able to discern what kind of acne you have and the best way to treat it. Certain kinds of adult acne may respond well to an oral antibiotic or a prescription topical formula. But there are lots of great acne skin care products that are available without a doctor’s prescription. With the right ingredients, treating your adult acne at home with strong products may be the answer. Products like B. Kamins Acne Starter Kit and Glytone Acne Treatment Kit that both contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid are the most effective in treating adult acne. There are lots of acne skin care products out there, but if they don’t contain a key ingredient like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, you might be wasting your money and your time.

Even if you’ve been fighting adult acne for several decades, don’t give up. You can beat adult acne. Talk to your doctor, examine your habits, and make sure you’re using the right skin care products . You will be on your way to saying goodbye to adult acne.

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Dissecting the Stages and Subtypes of Rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that is characterized by redness in the face, the appearance of spidery blood vessels, and acne-like breakouts. More severe cases can also affect the nose and eyes, causing even more complications for the patient. The condition is most common in those with fair skin and often appears between the ages of 30 and 50.

While rosacea is not a serious health condition, it can cause plenty of pain and embarrassment for those who are diagnosed. Sufferers may find they can keep their condition under control by avoiding the triggers that lead to breakouts and treating the skin with specialized topical solutions.

Stages of Rosacea

There are four identified stages of rosacea:

  • Pre-Rosacea – This early stage is often not detectable on the surface of the skin. It involves blood vessels that dilate wider and stay open for a longer period of time.
  • Mild Rosacea – The first stage to show visible symptoms, mild rosacea involves skin redness that persists for up to ½ hour or more when exposed to triggers like heat, cold or exercise.
  • Moderate Rosacea – In this stage, the flushing becomes more frequent and pronounced. Papules and pustules, like those seen with acne, might also begin to appear.
  • Severe Rosacea – This later stage is characterized by longer, more severe periods of flushing that may be accompanied by pain, swelling and burning. Breakouts may increase and sufferers may experience rhinophyma, a bulbous enlargement of the nose. In some cases, the eyes and surrounding areas may also become inflamed.

Subtypes of Rosacea

Rosacea also falls into a number of subtypes, depending on the prominent symptoms displayed with each individual patient. These subtypes include:

  • Erythematotelangiectatic – This subtype is primarily characterized by redness and flushing.
  • Papulopustular – In this subtype, the redness is often accompanied by bumps and pimples.
  • Phymatous – This subtype is typically where rhinophyma occurs, due to a thickening of tissue around the nose.
  • Ocular – In this subtype, the eyes become involved with tearing, burning and swollen eyelids. In severe cases of ocular rosacea, vision loss from corneal damage may occur.

Treatment Options

Since there is no cure for rosacea, the best hope is to keep symptoms at bay through effective topical treatments. One of the best options is Avene, a topical skin care line specifically designed for sufferers. The products all contain a high concentration of Avene thermal spring water, which soothes and softens while restoring the skin’s natural balance. Other ingredients in the Avene products include dextran sulfate, ruscus extract and hesperidin methyl chalcone. These substances work together to effectively minimize redness and inflammation, as well as the breakouts and skin thickening that is common.

There is no cure for rosacea, but there are ways to minimize symptoms and keep skin looking its best. By avoiding the triggers that lead to breakouts and finding effective skin care products to keep painful symptoms at bay, you can do much to control your chronic skin condition. Skin care lines like Avene carry formulas specifically designed to treat the signs of rosacea so you can enjoy more symptom-free days and clearer skin overall.

Resource Box: Learn more about how you can minimize the appearance and pain of rosacea at, where all products, including the line by Avene, are scientifically evaluated for their ingredients and effectiveness.

Let’s face it: often the best way to find the best skincare products is to go directly to Hollywood.

Because many of Hollywood’s rich and famous have access to the best skincare products in the world, you can bet that only the best are going to get noticed. Celebrity skin care is often sought out by people all over the world, and only the most impressive skin care makes the cut when it comes to Hollywood standards.

The three most talked about skincare brands in Hollywood this year are certainly Elemis, Sothys and MD Skincare.

  1. Elemis – Elemis has been a highly successful British spa brand for years, as it includes both natural ingredients and the newest technologies to produce both anti-aging skin care products and spa therapies. Elemis has many successful anti-aging skin care products, and many of the products have been shown to dramatically decrease wrinkles and increase hydration. Many of the natural elements found in the products of Elemis include padina pavonica, gingko biloba, liposomes and even a special brown marine algae ingredient.
  2. Sothys – Sothys has been a staple in the luxury market for more than 60 years in over 110 countries, and for good reason. This world renowned company has combined scientific advances and unique formulas to produce only the most groundbreaking anti-aging skin care products. Sothys has developed a professional anti-aging skin care brand that is sold exclusively to beauty institutes and spas; the skincare products for Sothys include face, body, sun treatments, men’s skincare and makeup. The products of Sothys combine some of the newest advances in cosmetics, including aromatherapy, biotechnology and algotherapy, just to name a few.
  3. MD Skincare – MD Skincare was developed in 2002 by Dr. Dennis Gross, a highly regarded dermatologist who devoted his career to the science of skincare, including the epidemic of skin cancer. Along with disease prevention, Dr. Gross turned his attention toward reversing sun damage to the skin, including the signs of skin damage: aging and wrinkles. After discovering that most beauty treatments currently available were simply in effective, he began developing multi-tasking products that are designed to provide “dramatic results within days and a long-term transformation with continued use.” The anti-aging skin care products of MD Skincare include a blend of natural antioxidants, vitamins and botanicals, all of which are delivered to the skin using the most scientifically advanced delivery systems.

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