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Clayton Shagal

A Canadian-based skin care products manufacturer with headquarters in Quebec, Clayton Shagal has facilities located in North America, Asia and Europe.  Clayton Shagal is a respected name in the skin care industry because of their outstanding line of products.  La Maison Clayton Shagal knows the inescapability of skin aging, but continues to challenge this fact by producing effective and highly advanced skin care products to maintain the youthful look of the skin and combat the early signs of aging.

Since Clayton Shagal started operations with a single collagen product in early 1980s, it has since invested in research and product development.  Each Shagal product goes through extensive testing to ensure consistent quality and to define the product’s purpose.  The company’s pharmaceutical testing and research facilities are located in Germany, a location known for strict quality control and undisputed reputation for scientific research.

The development of Clayton Shagal products are based on the understanding that the skin has the ability to heal and regenerate.  The fine products produced by Shagal focuses on their effectiveness and simplicity.  From the initial single product, Clayton Shagal went on to develop specialized skin care and anti-aging products for both men and women. The company’s product development is based on the skin’s three principal components:  Water, Elastin and Collagen.  The Shagal homogenous line of skin care products prove that simplicity can be a major factor in achieving unparalleled results.

Collagen makes up almost 70% of the skin and is the major moisturizing component of the skin as it has the ability to retain substantial amounts of water.  As a person reaches maturity, collagen starts to weaken with age.  The water-filled collagen fibers in a young individual starts to dry up as a person grows older.  The vitality and moisture of a young person’s skin therefore lessens with time.  This is why Clayton Shagal’s Collagen Gel remains to be their best-selling product, even after 25 years in the market.  People came to understand the value of collagen and its effect in achieving a fresher, younger looking skin.

The Clayton Shagal regimen is a simple three step system using various formulations.  Step 1 is cleansing and preparation of the skin using any of the Shagal cleansers, masks and exfoliants.  The second Step is the use of in-depth moisturizers for nourishment of the tissues deep within the skin.  Step 3 is the use of moisturizers to lock in surface skin moisture.

Clayton Shagal makes skin care simple and effective for both men and women.  The Lotion Gel Cleanser is recommended for a wet shave as its gelatinous viscosity makes the glide smooth, with minimal skin irritation and razor bumps.  The product is fragrance free and is ideal for combination cleansing and shaving.  Other chemical defoliants are available for men, ideal for their oilier, thicker skin in need of exfoliating and special cleansing.   The skin requires nourishing so that more moisture is retained.  This is accomplished by building the collagen and elastin fibers with Clayton Shagal products.  The creams are then used to lock in skin’s surface moisture and to bar pollutants from touching the skin.  The Shagal range of surface moisturizers is designed for different skin types and individual needs for moisture.

Clayton Shagal Milk Cleansers are recommended for dry or mature skin, the Gel Lotion Cleanser for normal to combination skin and the Acnose Lotion Cleanser for oily skin. Exfoliants or scrubs are used to remove dirt particles and cellular debris so that the skin can breathe properly and obtain the best results from the use of Clayton Shagal in-depth moisturizers.  Exfoliation is done using the Oat Bran Scrub, the Bamboo and Honey Exfoliant or the AHA Scrub so that the skin’s natural glow is revealed and the skin is prepared to absorb nutrients.  For complementary, consumers have a choice from the Moisturizing Mask for dry and mature skin, the Cucumber and Avocado Mask for sensitive skin or the AHA Exfoliating Mask for slightly sensitive or oily skin.

Clayton Shagal also offers their Acnose Line product consisting of the Acnose Lotion Cleanser, the Acnose Extra-Light Lubricant Cream and the Acnose Ultra-Light Matifying Cream which is ideal for acne-prone and very oily skin.  The Body Line products consist of the Body Cream recommended for all skin types and the Hand Cream, also suitable for all skin types.

The Clayton Shagal product lines contain effective ingredients like Placenta, plant-derived ceramides, Hyaluronic Acid and Hydrocomplex depending on its formulations and usage.  Many products are designed as anti-aging products and suitable for dry, mature and dehydrated skin.  Creams are meant for improved vascular circulation and stimulation of the epidermis for hydration and prevention of moisture loss.  Regular use of Clayton Shagal products for specific skin-type requirements leaves the user with silky soft, radiantly glowing skin.


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