Posted by: DrSkinSpa | July 19, 2015

Sensitive Skin Management

Many suffer irritations and discomfort because of poor choices made for skin care products, not that it is easy to find the right one.  Stimulants trigger reactions in sensitive skin – a skin care product ingredient, the wind or simply the sun.  Some poor souls get very bad reactions because of the very harsh ingredients found many skin care products.  Because of that, sensitive skin is hard to buy for because the need to avoid irritations and to maintain hydration and nourishment is essential.

There are symptoms that can help you decide if your skin is sensitive:

patchy dry areas across your body and/or face
easy to react skin when exposed to skin care products with fragrances, dyes and chemicals
skin redness
flushed cheeks

Skin care products, the natural ones, are your best option for sensitive skin because they more often use fruits free of pesticides and natural herbs, none of which would irritate such sensitive skin. Irritations and redness can be treated with ease with coconut and/or olive oils.  Dry skin cells can be wiped away and pores cleansed easily without any risk of red skin when using fruit cleanses or herbal facial masks.  However, not everyone with sensitive skin can take even natural ingredients.  It is thus important to know which natural ingredients your skin has a sensitivity to and to avoid products with herbs or fruit that you simply react to.  After that, read every ingredient before buying a product.

Quality is easier to find as sensitive skin care products are found with their brand names where other skin type choices are found.  However, no matter how good the brand name, this does not mean that what is a quality product for one person is going to be a quality product for you.  You must check ingredients lists every time.

The skin care regime for sensitive skin is really no different from any other skin type.  A cleanser for sensitive skin used every day to wash away your dry skin cells, cleanse your pores and even rid you of any dirty residue sitting on your skin.  To soothe your skin whilst cleansing it, Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution offers a milky formula base for the ideal treatment for sensitivity.  Being water-soluble, the formula washes off with water, flooding the skins with needed nourishment from free radical fighting vitamin A to other free radical fighters such as safflower oil, rosemary extract, and even lemon extract.  A moisturizer for sensitive skin requires a face cream to replenish each skin cell with needed moisture, preventing the cells from getting dried out.  To soothe skin tissues, prevent irritations, repair wrinkles and lines and moisturize sensitive skin, the waterless richness of Dermalogica Barrier Repair absorbs easily into your skin.  Sugar scrubs are very gentle, rubbing off dead skin cells, whilst giving a better surface for moisture to penetrate,  making for a healthier, smoother and younger looking skin.

A skin care product that is designed for sensitive skin will never contain chemicals, unnatural fragrances and colors.  A basic type of formula that uses extracts or fruits can be your best prevention against aging, an effective method for skin hydration.  Remember, your neck, face and hands are not the only parts of your body with skin that need to be treated.  Legs and arms benefit from smoothness and suppleness that is only possible when nourished with a good body lotion for sensitive skin.

Many brands exist for skin creams for sensitive skin.  However, the following can cause irritations to sensitive skin:

too many ingredients
preservatives – butylparaben
Alpha hydroxy acids

It is possible to manage sensitive skin.  The more you learn about ingredients in skin care products and the more you learn about which natural skin care ingredients still make your skin sensitive, the better your chances of finding the right product for your sensitive skin.  Whatever you do, test any creams on the inside of your wrist prior to putting it on your face or body.  If you are allergic or sensitive, you will soon find out.


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