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Choosing the Best Moisturizer to Relieve Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, you know how sensitive it can be. Certain weather conditions, such as when it is windy or in the winter, contribute to dry skin. One of the key reasons you experience dry skin

is linked to the production of sebum in the sebaceous glands. Without enough sebum, your skin does not stay adequately lubricated and the result is dry skin. Moisturize your skin with a moisture cream that is designed for the condition.

The reasons sebum production slows down are varied. Age is one factor that causes dry skin because our glands fail to work as fast as they did when we were younger. Psoriasis and eczema are skin disorders that can lead to dry skin. Vitamin A and the B vitamins are necessary for healthy skin, so if your diet is deficient in vitamins, it can cause dry skin.

Moisturize dry skin with ingredients that will not only moisturize skin but that will also lock moisture inside the skin. Ingredients that quality moisturizers Cream contain are AHAs, glycerin, dimethicone, glycol, and sodium hyaluronate. Some herbs that have moisturizing properties are lavender, rose, and chamomile. Products that are synthetic oil based are also frequently found in moisturizers, such as mineral oil and petroleum jelly. Products with natural oil will use plant oils like grape seed oil and almond oil or animal oils like lanolin. There are other natural moisturizers like honey, shea butter, and cocoa butter that may also be in moisturizing products. When choosing between products make sure that your skin is not sensitive to any of the ingredients.

Facial skin is often more sensitive to certain ingredients. If you use a skin care product and your skin becomes more dry, flaky, red, and irritated, you should stop using it and find something more gentle. Find a facial moisturizer that is free from fragrances, perfumes, and additives. Moisturizers that are labeled as “hypoallergenic” should not contain any irritants.

Natural alternatives, such as olive oil, usually work best on the face. In fact, if you are having trouble with the consistency of your hypoallergenic face lotion, adding a little olive oil may help to improve it.

If the environment where you live is dry, you will need to apply more moisture cream to your skin throughout the day. It is easy for the moisture from your skin to be pulled into the atmosphere, so keep some moisturizer in your purse.

When you moisturize your skin, it is only the first step you should take toward improving your condition. There are many other things you can do to help return moisture to it. At home, you also may want to invest in a humidifier. You can also purchase a portable humidifier for use in your office if you have an enclosed space.

If dry skin becomes too desiccated, you will notice that the flaking turns into cracks. When your skin is cracked or if you are having trouble controlling dry skin on your own, it is a good idea to schedule an appointment with the dermatologist. While most people can resolve their dry skin issues on their own, it is important to realize that it is okay to ask for help when you need it. Dermatologists have access to products that are not available to people over the counter. They also can examine your habits and recommend changes that will help.

While working on dry skin with moisture cream from the outside, it is a good idea to do some work on the inside, too. Make sure you are drinking at least eight glasses of water each day. Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat, and you may want to start taking a multivitamin to ensure you are consuming all the nutrients that your skin needs.

One major step that is often over-looked when caring for dry skin is using a sunscreen. The sun is present every time you go outside. Even if you are not spending excess time in the sun, you still need to keep sunscreen on your face and exposed skin. Your sunscreen should have a minimum SPF of 20, such as Ageless Derma’s Daily Mineral Guard Sunscreen SPF 25.

You sunscreen should be applied before you apply makeup foundation in order to get the maximum benefit.

Choose a sunscreen formulated for dry skin that will moisturize the skin while protecting it. Finding a natural sunscreen that is mineral based will also help with allergies and sensitivities. The sunscreen may also contain healing ingredients such as chamomile and aloe vera. Be sure to apply sunscreen to all areas of your body that are exposed to the sun.

The best combination in a sunscreen for dry skin is a product that will not only moisturize your skin, but one that will protect it from the harmful rays of the sun. Some moisturizer anti-aging products contain sunscreen and moisture cream to help combine two steps in one. Moisturizer anti-aging products also repair skin that was previously damaged by the sun.

Dry skin does not have to control your life. There are a number of skin care products that will work for you. You can begin your search at


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