Posted by: DrSkinSpa | June 14, 2015

5 tips on choosing the right facial crème

Picking right skin creams can help you to maintain your skin good looking and healthy for long years. So, here are 5 tips that would help you to make the right choice.

1. Pick the facial crème for the right age

Avoid using skin creams, which do not match your age. You do not need to start using aging cream too early. It may not do any good to your skin. On the other hand, you should use aging cream for your age and type of skin to provide the best nourishment and care to your skin.

2. Pick the right skin creams’ packaging

Some experts advise women to pick skin facial creme in tubes instead of those in jars. One of the advantages of the tube packaging is that your fingers do not come in contact with facial creme inside the tube, as it is with the jar. This way, you do not introduce germs there and your cream does not get spoiled so easily.

3. Read the label

If you are a smart shopper, then you come up with the list of right and wrong ingredients for your facial crème. You know what things to avoid and which ones to look for. It helps you to make the best choice and avoid various side effects.

4. Check out the shelf life of the facial crème

For one, you do not want to get an outdated product. Plus, skin creams with long shelf life have more chemical preservatives in them, than the ones with a shorter shelf life.

5. Meet your budget
Some of the most advertised aging creams or facial creams are the most expensive ones. However, if you know your budget for an aging cream, you can find the best option to meet that budget. Sometimes, a less expensive product can be as good as the expensive one.


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