Posted by: DrSkinSpa | June 7, 2015

Choosing Moisturizers with Airless Jars

While various cosmetics and skin care products are filled with many ingredients, there is a shelf life when it comes to moisturizers and other facial creams. It’s important to look for airless jars when shopping for a moisturizing cream, as air and light can both cause the antioxidants or nourishing vitamins to expire. For those with sensitive skin, expired ingredients can cause irritation or redness – so it’s always a great idea to keep your moisturizing creams in an area of the bathroom or bedroom that’s away from direct sunlight, changing temperatures or drafts.

How do you know when the shelf life of your moisturizer has come to an end? First, be sure to get rid of any moisturizer cream that looks funny in color, has an unusual odor or looks as though the contents have separated. An airless jar is ideal for any moisturizer, as it protects the cream from exposure to air or sun – two factors that break down the contents of any beauty product. There are certain guidelines in which you should follow to ensure your moisturizers are always in good condition.

Moisturizers for the face are good for up to two years if they are in an airtight, unopened jar. Once opened, facial creams are good for six months to a year – but always check for the signs previously mentioned. It’s not worth irritating the skin for any moisturizer – when in doubt, throw it out! Body moisturizers have a longer shelf life because they don’t contain as many nourishing properties as facial creams. Don’t keep a body lotion more than three years – and throw it away if it’s changed in color or smell.

There are so many products out on store shelves, there is no reason to use expired lotions and creams. Keep your moisturizer in an airless jar for best results!


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