Posted by: DrSkinSpa | May 31, 2015

Finding Skin Care Products for Combination Skin Requires Label Reading

Many of us seeking skin care make up make the mistake of calling items or products off the shelves in drugstores, cosmetics stores, and online environments without taking time to read the labels. However, the label on any product you choose should be one of the first things you consider, especially when you’re looking for skin care products for combination skin. What, exactly, is combination skin? It’s an issue that many of us have to deal with – the skin on our cheeks may be fine, but our foreheads are oily, or we have excess oil on the skin around the nose or on our chin. The “T” zone on the face, making up the fore head, along the nose, and under the chin is typically more oily than other sections of skin on our face.

What’s the big deal about that? The problem is finding skin care makeup, and skin care products for combination skin that help dry out the oily spots and at the same time, moisturize the dry spots. Therefore, your approach in dealing with skin care products for combination skin requires some thought.

To make things much easier on your routine, your wallet, and your face, stay away from products that aren’t natural or with components that aren’t found in nature. That means avoiding products that contain paraben, harsh chemicals, and other chemical names you can’t pronounce, let alone understand what they are or what they do to your face.

In addition, choose skin care make up or skin care products for combination skin that are hypoallergenic, whether you think you’re allergic to a certain skincare product or not. Hypoallergenic products are free of fragrances, dyes, or perfumes, and do not exacerbate skin conditions, trigger allergic reactions or typically, sebum reduction in the oil glands located deep in the skin of your face.


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