Posted by: DrSkinSpa | May 22, 2015

Using Plant Stem Cells to Keep Your Skin Looking Younger

Perhaps your first thoughts about fighting lines and wrinkles are about using Botox or plastic surgery to remove the effects of aging. Or maybe you are among those who would rather use facial creams to combat signs of aging, but you are skeptical that they can really do any good. You may even have concerns that facial creams contain harmful ingredients that will make your skin worse. You might be interested in learning that the tide of scientific opinion has shifted in support of quality facial creams. The most up-to-date and successful method of improving your skin is not through injections or dangerous surgeries but with a plant stem cell wrinkle cream, which uses plant stem cells as an active ingredient.

Every living thing begins life filled with stem cells. As we age, these stem cells stop working efficiently and slowly produce fewer and fewer healthy new skin cells. The effects of this can even be seen as early as our late twenties. As skin cell production decreases it opens the door and welcomes lines and wrinkles onto our face. We need to wake up those dormant, sleepy stem cells under our skin and get them back to work producing fresh, new skin cells. When new skin cells are made, your skin will appear young again. If you use a plant stem cell wrinkle cream to apply stem cells directly to the skin where they are needed, you will move your skin back in time. Plant stem cell wrinkle cream will also help wake up your old stem cells and encourage them to become alive and active. Collagen production will increase after using facial cream filled with stem cells, and as a result, the wrinkles will flee. When you begin to look younger, you will feel younger and more active than you have in years.

Plant stem cells found in stem cell wrinkle cream will reduce the appearance of lined, wrinkly, sagging skin as well as other signs of aging. Stem cells are the creators of new cell growth. A facial cream that contains plant stem cells contains the same active factors that encourage cell growth. Although it may seem like any facial cream that claims to grow younger, smoother skin is a myth, there are clinical and scientific studies that back the claims of just such stem cell containing facial creams.

There are several different types of stem cells that are a natural part of development and cell regeneration. The most controversial are embryonic stem cells, or the stem cells that make up the embryo living inside a woman’s womb. These stem cells have not been shown to have much medical benefit as of yet because they are difficult to control. Then, there are umbilical stem cells, which occur inside the umbilical cord and are harvested before the cord is discarded. Umbilical cord stem cells have shown positive results in regenerating damaged cells including those in the nervous system. Because they are better developed than embryonic stem cells, they are easier to control. Next, there are adult stem cells, which are generally found in the bone marrow of adult. People are constantly regenerating the blood in their circulatory system with these. These are used in a variety of medical procedures from skin graft transplants used to regenerate the damaged skin of burn victims to marrow transplants used to treat certain forms of leukemia. The power of stem cells lies in their ability to produce and become a variety of cells as needed.

Where do the stem cells in creams, such as Ageless Derma’s Stem Cell and Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Cream, come from? They are produced from plants, such as the rare Swiss apple, in a preparation known as PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica. In the cosmetic industry, facial cream stem cells help to stimulate the adult cells that are nearby. Remember that plant stem cells from flora as wholesome as the apple are completely natural and hypoallergenic. They do not require matching blood types and other factors necessary when dealing with other sources of stem cells. As a result, plant stem cells are beneficial for those of us with sensitive skin.

On the surface, these creams may seem quite expensive. Keep in mind that your skin is absorbing up to 60% of these stem cell wrinkle creams, so you are getting a lot from them. Although other facial creams are cheaper, they use older technologies that prevent most of the beneficial ingredients from being absorbed by the skin. The bottom line is that you will be washing money spent on them down the drain. Your most cost effective option is to do some research and invest in a plant stem cell anti-wrinkle cream, such as the one offered by Ageless Derma, that will efficiently meet your skin care needs.


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